Microwave Bottle Steriliser

Easy to use steriliser, compact size and portable. 11cm high and 26cm wide it will also fit in you bag and in most microwaves.


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The Cherub Baby Natristeam Steriliser is an easy to use steriliser. Due to its compact size this is a portable steriliser that you can take on holiday or trips and is perfect for mums and dads on the go. As it doesn’t use any electricity you don’t have to find the right plug or socket because it will fit in most microwaves. At just 11cm high and 26cm wide it will also fit in most baby bags easily and is light, needing only a microwave and 200ml of water to sterilise your baby’s feeding accessories.


  • BPA Free
  • Dual Mode – Cold Water or Microwave Sterilisation
  • Fits 6 bottles (all brands including Cherub Baby bottles)
  • Keeps bottles sterile for up to 12 hours
  • Compact storage – Flips to half size
  • Fits in most microwaves
  • Lightweight and portable

Ideal for travel, the steriliser will fit up to 6 wide neck bottles or standard bottles and accessories. It’s quick to clean, with no base plate there’s one less thing to wipe down and dry. The lid smoothly seals around the safety handles ensuring contents remain sterile providing the lid is not removed. This ensures you’re ready to feed your baby whatever time of the day or night.

The double grooved lid designed means that condensation runs back into the steriliser and not all over your microwave and kitchen surfaces. The lid conveniently doubles as a sterilised top when flipped upside down to prepare your baby’s bottle.

Storage, Cleaning and Compatibility:

  • Compatible with standard or wide neck bottles from Cherub Baby and other major brands.
  • Compatible with all Cherub Baby breast pumps and most other major brand breast pumps.
  • Dishwasher safe

Included in the box:

  • Steriliser base, tray and lid unit
  • Deluxe bottle brush
  • Deluxe teat brush
  • Easy grip tongs
  • Instruction Manual

The product comes with 12 month warranty.


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