Sofia the first Skye the Unicorn

This sweet stuffed unicorn from Sofia the First will become the constant companion. She plays songs from the show and even lights up!


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Meet Sofia the First’s newest friend with the Sofia the First Magic Sparkle Skye. This unicorn meets Sofia on the Disney Junior TV show when Sofia travels to the Mystic Isles, a hidden realm in the kingdom of Enchancia. Skye helps Sofia navigate this new world as she adapts to her new role of Protector of the Mystic Isles.

The Magic Sparkle Skye toy version of the character is soft and cuddly with a thick mane of blue hair that has iridescent streaks running through it. Skye also has an embroidered face and wears a printed jeweled collar. Along with glittery blue fabric wings that kids can flap back and forth, Skye also has a purple unicorn horn that lights up whenever the toy talks.

Just press Skye’s back to hear the different phrase:

  • Fear not, kind maiden
  • Flying unicorns get their wings when they reach a certain age
  • I shall lead you to yon path ahead
  • You’ll also hear a 20-second snippet of the song “The Magic of the Mystic Isles”

Fans of Sofia the First will really like cuddling up with this pretty unicorn character and going on all sorts of adventures with it. They can play out scenes from the show or imagine all-new journeys through Enchancia and the Mystic Isles.

With such pretty hair, kids can brush, comb, and style Skye’s hair for a little creative play. The phrases and music help bring the character of Skye to life and enhance the imaginative play. The music and phrases help enhance the play for imaginative kids, and there is even creative hair play opportunity with the tail and mane on this plush unicorn.

Even with the battery pack, the toy is pretty soft and fun to hug.

Suitable for ages 3+ years

The toy comes with three button cell batteries for the try-me features, we recommend replacing them before you play for best results.

The toy is surface washable only.


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