Every baby is unique and grows at a different rate. You can use the general size guide below to help you choose the right size for your baby.

The general rule of thumb when purchasing baby clothes for newborns to 24 months is to base the size on the weight and height rather than the age. 

For toddlers & kids aged 2 years and above you can use their age as a general guide to selecting the appropriate size. 

If you are buying a gift and are not sure about the weight and height then you should use the age as a guide, it is generally best practice to select one size bigger. For example, if the baby you are buying for is 3 months old you can buy the size 6 months or 6-12 months. If you are buying a gift for a newborn or baby shower size 0-3 months is the usual option. 

Babies grow very quickly so they will fit into your beautiful gift in no time.

Where practical we have added the measurements of the clothes in the product descriptions to make it easier for you to select the right size.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the size of our clothing please contact us via email on sales@simplybubs.com.au

At Simply Bubs Merchandise we want you to shop in confidence, if you have selected the wrong size we will happily exchange it for another size were applicable.

Please contact us at sales@simplybubs.com.au within 48 hours of the delivery if you require a size exchange. All exchanges are subject to the return conditions and the terms and conditions outlined in our return and exchange policy. Please read the Return and Exchange policy for further details.

Measurement Guide

General Size Chart for Newborn to 24 months

Size Options

Age Guide






0 months

Up to 4kg

Up to 55cm



0-3 months

4kg – 6kg

Up to 62 cm




3-6 months

6kg – 8kg

Up to 68 cm



6-12 months

8kg – 10kg

Up to 76 cm




12-18 months

10kg -12kg

Up to 84 cm



18-24 months

12kg – 14kg

Up to 92 cm